About Happy's Pony Parties

We are a family owned and operated business looking to share our decades long love of horses, and other animals through pony parties, and petting zoos!

Our family run farm of 13 years is pleased to share our fine selection of barnyard friends with you. The ponies and miniature horses are happy, healthy, and child friendly. We are eager to make your birthday party or event a memorable experience. Our other barnyard friends, the goats, chickens, ducks, and bunnies all create fond memories for children and adults alike! The soft, clean, and friendly animals can be hand fed, and gently handled by the children; an awesome way to celebrate an event! So please, share our family’s lifestyle for a short time! All those participating are sure to enjoy the members of our child friendly menagerie!

We also now have a portable petting zoo easily capable of coming into any type of facility. This includes, but is not limited to, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We have a lot of experience handling the animals in such a way that people with varying degrees of disability are able to enjoy them as much as we do! Their calm disposition makes them ideal for many different settings. Our animals are all very clean and precautions are taken to ensure droppings stay contained.