Animal Assisted Therapy

The therapeutic value of interactions with our clean, calm animals is priceless! Our miniature horse, dog, chickens, rabbits, ducks and goats are handled and trained by 2 registered Nurses with over 40 years of combined experience.

There are many physical, emotional and social benefits of animal assisted therapy.  Our staff of experienced trainers and handlers are able to present the animals in such a way that people with varying degrees of disability can enjoy them as much as we do.  This is a very stimulating form of recreational therapy for anyone in a nursing care facility or group home environment. Our portable petting zoo is a great choice for this setting. This four wheeled cart measures 30”X48”, easily fitting through doorways and into elevators. The portable petting zoo includes chickens, ducks, rabbits and a goat on a leash.

The animal trainer will take one animal out at a time for each resident to interact with.  The animals in the portable petting zoo can easily be moved around your gathering space for all to enjoy.  Our miniature horse has visited numerous heath care facilities and always provides a memorable experience. Our dog is clean, gentle and loves to interact with the residents!

Infection control practices will be of utmost importance. All animals are cleaned prior to the visit and precautions are taken to contain all animal droppings.  This will ensure the residents safety.  We also will reinforce the importance of hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.